Fauquier Family Shelter
Emergency Shelter540.351.0130
Vint Hill Housing540.347.7374
Administrative Offices540.341.0900


About our organization

The shelter was established in 1988 by concerned individuals and social service agencies to alleviate the pain of poverty and homelessness in Fauquier County and surrounding areas. FFSS operates the only emergency shelter and associated transitional housing development in the county.

1987 - FFSS was incorporated 
1988 - Original shelter was opened for business
1994 - Turnbull Transitional House receives first family 
1996 - FFSS proposal to Vint Hill for transitional housing program was submitted 
1997 - First Homeless Intervention Program grant received and funds dispersed to qualified residents of Fauquier County 
1999 - The Haven Emergency Shelter was opened and was immediately operating at full capacity 
2000 - Vint Hill Transitional Housing program development begins, first Good Neighbor family takes residence 
2001 - First transitional housing family moves in